The Final Cut (2004)
Front Cover Actor
Robin Williams Alan Hakman
Mira Sorvino Delila
James Caviezel Fletcher
Mimi Kuzyk Thelma
Thom Bishops Hasan
Miguelito Macario Rom
George Gordon Daniel Monroe
Joely Collins Legz, The Tattoo Artist
Chaka White Pregnant Woman On Bus
Peter Hall Adult Louis
Movie Details
Genre Adventure; Fantasy; Sci-Fi
Director Omar Naim
Studio Cinerenta
Language English
Running Time 1 hr 44 mins
Country USA
Color Color
First-time filmmaker Omar Naim writes and directs the sci-fi drama The Final Cut. Set in the near future, the story concerns a microchip that is capable of recording a person's entire life. Robin Williams plays Alan Hakman, an editor who cuts together the footage to make pleasant movies for funerals. Tormented by his job and his own memories, Alan also has a troubled romantic relationship with bookseller Delilah (Mira Sorvino). While looking through footage for his next project, Alan discovers a man whom he believes is from his own past. Meanwhile, former editor Fletcher (James Caviezel) wants the footage for his own purposes. The Final Cut was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004. — Andrea LeVasseur
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1